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Prosopagnosia — Face Blindness


Prosopagnosia. If you are like most people, you have no clue what that is. Prosopagnosia or “Face Blindness” is a nueurological condition where the person is not able to recognize a face or facial features of a person, he or she just meet.

This condition affects about 2.5% of the population. Combined with Aspergers/Autism, it can be an especially daunting task to overcome. We discovered in a recent unscientific random poll, this affected several people in our small Aspergers group here in Tucson. As we studied to learn a little more about “face blindness” we found these two excellent video clips from CBS programme, 60 Minutes.

Part 1 (of the programme

Part 2 of the programme

For more information on Prosopagnosia, visit the wikipedia site.

In Memoriam: John Ortiz – January 31, 1952 – April 11, 2012


John Ortiz was a lecturer, psychologist, and Aspie who was very much adored. He was a truly wonderful person and will be missed greatly.

John Ortiz, was the founder of the Aspergers Syndrome Institute.

You may read his obituary here.